Spurrell Foraging are based in Warrandyte South and Silvan in the Yarra Valley, we sustainably grow and wild forage high-quality edible produce to supply restaurants, cafes, distillers and bars throughout Melbourne and surrounds.

After cooking for some of the best restaurants in Melbourne, director Liam Spurrell traded in his chef whites for secateurs and scissors to become a full-time forager. With time and research, Liam has now isolated select harvest locations throughout Melbourne where he can safely and permissibly pick wild. Not only does Liam and his small team wild forage their products, they also sustainably grow and pick produce on the farm in Warrandyte South and with the recent purchase of seven hectres in Silvan in the Yarra Valley, things are set to further expand.

Spurrell Foraging’s diverse range of over 80 products offers both native and introduced plant species, with leaves, flowers and pollens available seasonally. Liam works closely with clientele and brings a variety of products for chefs to taste and explore before choosing the produce right for their menu.

It is a passion that has made Spurrell Foraging a standout success. What was initially a hobby progressed to start-up, to a specialised farm and now to an award-winning business with eyes on the international market. Their large, varied range of edible herbs are seasonally chosen for their unique flavour and textures, making Spurrell Foraging the obvious choice for any bar or restaurant.